Guillermo Cusnaider

Founder and Board of Director Advisor of Ubbiquo Business School

Guillermo Cusnaider is passionate about building bridges between specialized knowledge and those who want to apply it. He has dedicated more than 15 years of his career to building executive training centers with cutting-edge technology platforms for continuing education. Guillermo is founder of three corporate academies, an online business school focusing on Latin America. Since 2023, Guillermo has handed over the presidency and operational leadership of Ubbiquo to the Management team and serves as Board of Directors Advisor.

Guillermo was born in Argentina but has lived more than 22 years in the United States. He is currently living and South Florida, USA. Guillermo graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the National University at Cuyo in Argentina (UNC-ITU). He pursued his post graduate degrees at Adolfo Ibanez University, Chile, as well as Management seminars from Harvard University through continuing education programs.