Expand yourself through applied knowledge


The acceleration of change that we are witnessing today is the result of the convergence of multiple cultural, social and environmental factors with the emergence of new technologies. It’s progress at a rate that we’ve not seen before. The human brain evolved in an environment that was local and linear. But now we live in an exponential world.

Ubbiquo was born with the aim of building bridges to facilitate your access to cutting-edge knowledge from the place where the most innovative and relevant experiences that lead global changes in the business world are generated. Based in the United States with headquarters in Miami, Florida and international reach to Latin America and Europe.


Marcelo Pignataro
Managing Director at EDC Motiva. Bélgic

“The truth is, it has been an excellent process and I am very happy to have been
able to bring it to fruition. I already have my first diploma and I am very grateful to
you and to the teachers for everything I have learned”.

Yeliyza Maestre
Technical Support Engineer at Siemens Energy – USA Graduated in Project Management & Applied Technology

«I needed to advance my knowledge and get certified, and I got it with UBBIQUO.
From the first contact I had an enriching experience. I had technical and
methodological support from the talented professionals with vast experience and I
was able to expand my global networking portfolio with a global key industry
influencers. The Program is designed for professionals who have little time to train.
The content is delivered in a refreshing and enjoyable way.»

Ing. Dorys Guerrero
Ecuador 2019 IBM – IT Coordinator IBM Global Account Advanced student of the Project Management & Digital Transformation program

“This program covered my needs, I liked the simulators part. The content of the

course seemed very interactive and applicable. Topics and subjects are applied

cases in our everyday professional routine. Being in the center of engagement with

faculty and staff allowed me to achieve great results.»