Managing High - Performing Remote and Virtual Teams

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Program Overview

The workplace has been changing for years, if not decades. Driven by long commutes, busy cities, cost efficiencies, and, most re cently, global health challenges, the workpla ce in this time is quite simply more complex and less traditional that it was just a few short months ago. New global challenges have redefined our ability to work in a more traditional setting and, whatever our views, made it necessary that we (re)consider the logic of a virtual workplace. This short course is designed to improve your ability to manage a remote or virtual team effectively. Through the four distinct modules, we will examine the unique opportunities and challenges that come with remote work and explore strategies to enhance your ability to lead your team and position them, and you, for success.

I How to establish a High Performing Virtual Team
II Getting the Job Done: projects and performance
III Virtual Communication and Effective Collaboration
IV Creating a Remote Culture: positioning people for success

• Build a highly effective team working in a remote environment
• Create efficiencies in the workplace and grow your business


Dr. Michael Hawes (Canada)

CEO President of Fulbright