Personal Branding

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Program Overview

Brand You – How to brand yourself in an ever changing and increasing digital world to fulfill your leadership potential. Personal branding in a rapidly increasing digital world is key. This course will educate on branding, the importance of creating a personal brand, performing in an authentic way in the professional work environment, and on all online channels, to optimize success. Honing in on values and mission will aid in understanding your own personal brand. Networking and building the most important brand of your life: yourself and your company, to ensure the development of brands, people are passionate about and want to do business with, all while adapting to the new world we are living in.

I Brand you
II Strengthening Your Brand
III Building Your Digital Brand
IV Brand You – Achieve Your Full Potential

• Develop an impactful and authentic personal brand profile.
• Develop an effective online presence.
• Enhance networking and personal presence skills.
• Build personal marketing skills to become an impactfull leader.


Lisa Clancy (Ireland)

CEO Founder Clansult Ltd