Personal Branding

Personal Branding 100% online Program Overview Brand You – How to brand yourself in an ever changing and increasing digital world to fulfill your leadership potential. Personal branding in a rapidly increasing digital world is key. This course will educate on branding, the importance of creating a personal brand, performing in an authentic way in […]


Neuroleadership 100% online Program Overview The course is easy to read and comprehend. We will also share some simple, fast, effective and actionable tools to enable you to become self-aware, transform and lead positive change in life and at work. Despite being rooted in neuroscience of how our brain works and impacts our behavior and […]

Managing High – Performing Remote and Virtual Teams

Managing High – Performing Remote and Virtual Teams 100% online Program Overview The workplace has been changing for years, if not decades. Driven by long commutes, busy cities, cost efficiencies, and, most re cently, global health challenges, the workpla ce in this time is quite simply more complex and less traditional that it was just a […]

Professional Networking

Professional Networking 100% online Program Overview The main objective of this course is to provide executives with a road map to develop a simpler and more authentic way to meet people that allows them to connect deeply and turn those relationships into fuel for better personal and professional growth. This course is crafted to assist […]

Entrepreneurship Mindset

Entrepreneurship Mindset 100% online Program Overview The course introduces participants to the required and desired skills and behaviors of successful entrepreneurs. It specifically aims to familiarize them with basic concepts of entrepreneurship, makes it easy for them to study and recognize their own reflexes and behaviors, and helps them apply what they learn to their […]

Conscious Selling

Conscious Selling 100% online Program Overview This course is to provide you, the enterprising member with strategic tools to go to the next level.You will learn to listen in a ‘certain’ way, easily engaging with clients and prospects, to find their ‘worries and wants’.This will make it easy for you to overcome all objections and […]